cobbbleSTONE structure is unique and patent-registered. The combination of massive wood with its capable base frame of eco-friendly recycled plastics retains the cobble fix on its position and there allows a quick and uncomplicated laying.

cobbleSTONE - outdoor | construction

  1. Timber Planking
    The cobble is built of a massive wooden piece with a density of either 26mm or 42mm.

  2. Base frame
    The strong base frame, consisting of eco-friendly recycled plastics, retains the cobble fix on its position.

  3. Bonding
    The single cobbles are fix retained using a click connection. This allows for a quick and uncomplicated laying.

  4. Sealing Lip
    With the optional sealing lip, there is no need of a joint filling with sand. This is particularly interesting for terraces or balconies, as it’s simply not possible that any kind of material leaks from the joint while cleaning (e.g. brushing).